The Hackettstown Police Department established its own P.B.A. Local in 1998.
The Mansfield Twp. Police Department joined P.B.A. Local 369 on March 11th, 2015.

Currently P.B.A. Local #369 has 33 active members in our union. The Executive Board consists of The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Delegate, Sergeant at Arms, and The Board of Trustees. P.B.A. Local #369 was established to provide union protection to its members as well as sponsoring programs and charity events throughout the community. 

Our local and our brother-locals in the State of New Jersey are part of a strong and longstanding partnership between law enforcement officers here in New Jersey and around the U.S. The members of this union take great pride in their roll as law enforcement officers and public servants. 

We strive to provide charitable service, support, and any form of assistance to the community who so graciously supports us. Throughout this website, you will find information about the programs, community services and other information about our local. 

We thank you again for your growing support!

Welcome to the official website of Hackettstown-Mansfield P.B.A. Local 369.

Our mission is to provide volunteer service and support to those in need in the local communities of
The Town of Hackettstown, Mansfield Township, and throughout the State of New Jersey.

Our organization is a non-profit organization made up of the union members of The Hackettstown and Mansfield Township Police Departments in the Northeast Region of Warren County, NJ.

We strive to continue the traditions of police-community relationships.
Our History
Welcome to Hackettstown-Mansfield P.B.A. Local 369
  • President - Mike Citarelli
  • Vice President - Mark Engelau
  • Treasurer - Darren Tynan
  • Secretary - Mike Brancheau
  • Sergeant at Arms - Chris Laver

  • State Delegate - Tommy Smith
  • Alternate Delegate - Mike Madonna

  • Chairman - Chris Laver
  • Trustee - Jim Murtha
  • Trustee - Joe Matthews

  • Ed Blas
  • Glen Brotzman
  • Steve Browns
  • Mike Camerata
  • Joe Cecere
  • Brian Ficarra
  • Dave Garzon
  • Chris Gilbert
  • Jim Hikade
  • Almin Hodzic
  • Patrick Kirchner
  • Jim Laoudis
  • Jim Macaulay
  • Mike MacDonough
  • Kris Marinelli
  • Brendan McGarry
  • Aaron Perkins
  • Mike Reilly
  • Andy Sillett
  • Erik Soroka
  • Chris Spiegler
  • Sean Stone
  • Charlie Zellars Jr.
  • Greg Zytko
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Thank you to all of our retired members for their years of service and dedication:
  • Jon Ace
  • John Amey
  • John Ayers
  • Shawn Bates
  • Bill Boer
  • Wade Caccese
  • Mike Clancy
  • Cindy Dorcas
  • Jim Erdmann
  • Mike Gibbs
  • Steve Heidenberg

  • Lester Hoover
  • Glen Hydock
  • Alan Kirkwood
  • Leonard Kunz
  • Pat Mannon
  • Jim Newman
  • John Seabeck
  • Scott Wheeler
  • Ron Wysocki
  • Charles Zellars Sr.